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What We Do 

At ReNew Flooring LLC, we lay the foundation for exceptional design. We offer professional restoration of existing hardwood floors, hardwood flooring installation, re-coating & screening, carpeting, vinyl, and tile.

Distinguish your interiors with the refined look of beautiful hardwood flooring and tile installations. Our team at ReNew Flooring LLC will let you discover fine domestic varieties in just about every style and finish you can imagine.

Our flooring experts strive to deliver the contemporary look, feel, and durability in flooring options. Walk into our brand new showroom today.

Our Services 



  • Sand screen

  • One coat of Polyurethane finish

Inexpensive and expeditious way to make your floors vibrant again.
This is an option for floors that are in good natural condition [absent of deep scratches, fading, or water spots/dark spots.

The phrase "screen and refinish" describes the process of sprucing up an existing coat of polyurethane by top-coating it. A screen is simply a mesh encrusted with abrasive particles that is generally less aggressive than sandpaper. Screening leaves enough texture on the floor to allow a new coat of polyurethane to bond. This is part of the regular maintenance of a hardwood floor that has been finished by polyurethane (considered a protective coat). So, every few years, well before the protective coat has grown too thin, you should refresh it with another coat.



  • Sanding

  • Three coats of Polyurethane finish

Great way to restore your floor to their natural beauty.

This is an option for floors that may have deep scratches, fading, water spots, and worn-out finish. This is also an option for hardwood floors that had been covered with carpet and are in need of revival.
Sanding is completed using three different types of Sanding machines: the big belt sander for the field of the floor, the edger for the perimeter and the places the big machine is unable to go, and the palm sander which removes marks made by the edger. This package is perfect for floors that have been previously stained or painted and wish to be natural again.



  • Sanding

  • Application of stain

  • Three coats of Water-based Polyurethane finish

Give your floors a new look and feel!

This is an option for floors that may be in good to *poor condition. This option works for floors with deep scratches, fading, heavy stains, water spots, staple marks and very aged wood (application of stain may be recommended), and for those that want to change the color of their floors.

(*These floors may benefit from the use of the Trio sanding machine. The Trio is a fine sander which is used fo flattening of poorly milled flooring or flooring that has experienced a lot of movement, also good for floors that have a lot of scratches or UV damage.)

Other Services

  • Hardwood Floor Refinishing 

  • Installation: carpet, vinyl, laminate

  • Hardwood Board repair

  • Floor maintenance


Our Philosophy 

ReNew Flooring is more than floors. It is an Idea... The idea of taking some thing old and making it new. Whether it be your floors, your home or even you the customer, ‘ Behold We Make All Things New’.


ReNew Flooring is unique in its approach to service. The service of exchanging money for the task or product is typical. We look to exchange our skills, our  passion and courtesy into an experience beyond the exchange of the dollar alone. ReNew Flooring is a business driven by purpose and the renewing of people first. This is what separates us from the competition. 


The customer is the first thing we are looking to make new. It could be something as simple as making you smile or making you laugh. Whatever it takes to get you feeling great. 


Our mission has become our ministry and it starts with mindset. Mindset is very important in people’s growth and development. Depending on where ones sets his/her mind sets the bar in their ability to produce and or their own ability to grow. 

Therefore I promote personal development and self empowerment. 


Our leadership takes great pride in developing exceptional team members and elevating those around them.   If we are not helping each other flourish, then we are causing us all to wither.

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